19 Haziran 2011 Pazar

Glamour Awards: the best dressed…


Glamour Awards: the best dressed…

Jessie J seemed to have undergone a radical transformation when she stepped onto the red carpet last night for the Glamour Awards.

The singer ditched her trademark sharp-fringed haircut plus smoky eye make-up in favour of a more feminine classic Hollywood glam look.

So drastic was Jessie’s makeover that at first we hardly recognised her when she turned up for the ceremony – in fact for a moment we thought an overly-polished and classier looking Imogen Thomas had managed to blag her way into the event.

And that wasn’t meant to be an insult by the way (although, admittedly it sounded like that), it’s genuinely what we thought.

Anyway, top fashion marks for the evening also have to go to Fearne Cotton, The Saturdays, Tulisa, Rebecca Ferguson, Lorraine Kelly, Ellie Goulding, Kristen Stewart (who had a bit too much flesh on show but still looked good), Jameela Jamil, a slimmer looking Dawn French and Rosie Huntington Whiteley.


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